Film Festival

International Film Festival in Adana, Turkey supported by EURAS

24th International Film Festival will be held in Adana, Turkey this year between 25th of September and 1st of October. The event is mainly organized by the Adana Metropolitan Municipality as per the purposes of encouraging the young generation and awarding their successes, protection of cultural values as well as improvement and publicity of them, contributing to the future of Turkish and world’s cinema in a supportive way.

EURAS will be proudly one of the main supporters of the event where the promotion, applications and technical equipment supports of the event will be managed by Eurasian Universities Union. The crucial part of the festival to be taken care by EURAS is the International Students Short Films of which the duration will not be exceeding 15 minutes and the themes can cover experientials, documentaries, animations and fictions. The duration of the short films shall be tolerated up to 10 percent.
For the whole regulation you should refer to PDF document: 24th International Adana Film Festival – Regulation of Students Short Film Competition

The deadline of the applications is strictly 29th of July, 2017 for letting the jury to evaluate the films till 17th of August for the first selections, and the final decisions and awarding will be done by Grand Jury in Adana between September, 11-17.

Let’s hurry up to get in touch with us on euras@euras-edu.org for any kind of inquiries, questions, ideas and applications of yours !