EURAS Academic Journal Vol:4 No:1 Spring 2017

EURAS Academic Journal (EAJ) was issued its 4th publication with the International Standart Serial Number ISSN: 2147‐2149. In terms of Academic Support, EAJ Spring 2017 edition covers 7 articles mostly written by academicians from EURAS member universities as well as guest lecturers from different universities. Euras Academic Journal Vol:4 No:1 Spring 2017

EURAS NEWS Vol.1 No.48

Distinguished Members of Eurasian Universities Union, Once again we would like to go through the content of EURIE, 2017 – Eurasia Higher Education Summit to be held in Istanbul on 22-24 March as we do not have much time left for the registration process of the conference. Today we would like to keep you reminded…

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