EURAS Conference “Improving Regional Cooperation in Southeast Europe“ and EURIE Training Workshop “Charting Your Own Path to Internationalization“

EURAS Conference “Improving Regional Cooperation in Southeast Europe” and EURIE Training Workshop “Charting Your Own Path to Internationalization”


GR3A0324EURAS organized a conference based on Regional Cooperation and Internationalization in Higher Education in addition to EURIE Training Workshop in Serbia. EURAS Conference and EURIE Training was hosted by EURAS Member Belgrade Banking Academy, on 5th December 2016.

Belgrad Banking Academy (BBA) hosted EURAS Conference and EURIE Training and provided an effective space for all participants. With cooperation of BBA we could host more than 60 participants from Serbia, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Italy.

Ms. Gordana Predic – the Representative of Ministry of Education, Science and Technical Development of Serbia, Prof. Hasan Hanic – Dean of Belgrade Banking Academy and Dr. Mustafa Aydın – President of EURAS, have made an opening remarks to the conference. All participants of the EURAS Conference part had the chance to join the Panel “Improving Regional Cooperation in Southeast Europe.

There were four panelist contributing to the fruitful EURAS Conference sessions, logicaly devided according to the main topic. Prof. Andrea Carteny from Roma La Sapienza University– has explained “Regional Cooperation in Education and Culture: The Italian Experience”. Panelists from Belgrade Banking Academy – Prof. Dejan Eric has shared his concepts of “Experiences of Regional Scientific and Educational Cooperation in Southeast Europe”; and Prof. Svetislav Paunovic with “University Cooperation and Networking Activities in Southest Europe”. Asst. Prof. Özüm Sezin Üzüm from Istanbul Aydın University has contributed to the Conference with a session named “Scientific Cooperation in Higher Education: Reflections on Some Country Experiences in Balkans“.

During the second session EURIE Training Workshop “Charting Your Own Path to Internationalization”, International Relations Vice Director of Istanbul Aydın University – Ms. Ayşe Deniz Özkan has explained in detail the Professional Development Module for University International Office Managers and Staff, where the various definitions, aspects and instruments of internationalization in higher education were presented.