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20th Anniversary State Medal to Dr.Mustafa AYDIN

Annual II Euras Regional Conference in Baku, 2012

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IAU Chairman of the Board of Trustees, President of EURAS Dr.Mustafa Aydın was given 20th Anniversary State Medal. More...

This time the annual conference was suggested to beconvened in Baku and devoted to "South Caucasus in Eurasian neighborhood". More...

Euras Ongoing Projects

1st Unimed Students Forum

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EURAS Eurasian Universities Union is a network of universities focusing to develope program and generate policies to promote educational,cultural,economic and environmental capacity of Eurasian region. More...

UNIMED-STUDENTS organized the 1st Unimed Students Forum , in co-operation with Mediterranean Universities Union and Istanbul Aydin University. More...

Honorary Doctorate to Albanian President
Prof.Dr.Bamir Topi

International Scientific And Practical
Conference in Almaty, 2012

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Leaders Conference 2, organized by Eurasian Universities Union (EURAS) in cooperation with Istanbul Aydin University. More...

International Scientific And Practical Conference on Innovative Development of Food, Light And Hospitality Industries In Almaty, Republic of Khazakstan 11-14 October. More...

Workshop on Islamic Applications in Computer Science and Technology

Summer School: 20-25 July, 2012, Istanbul Aydin University, Florya Campus

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Information Technology and its applications in different aspects of life have had a significant impact in the service of Islam. More...

The Students and academicians of Komrat State University in İstanbul Aydın Universty. More...

Istanbul Declaration, 2012

YPP 2012 (Young Professional Programme)

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Realizing that some of our partners in EURAS have also undergone similar experiences as IAU. More...

The United Nations launched a competitive recruitment examination on a global scale, YPP (Young Professional Programme). More...

The I Euras Regional Meeting-27 of April 2012

Second Online Euras Conference
on 24th of July 2012

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EURAS, supported by Komrat State University and Istanbul Aydin University, has organized on 27 of April 2012 its I Regional Conference on "Democracy Movements in Eurasian Region" in Komrat. More...

As Eurasian Universities Union carried out 2nd EURAS online Conference with the participation of 10 Euras Members. More...

The Third Publication of The Euras
Academic Journal to be Published

Second International Symposium on Islamic Civilization In Central Asia/Bishkek, 2012

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The third publication of the EURAS Academic Journal will be published in next days. We would like to thank the academicians of EURAS member universities who provided the articles for this copy for their efforts and time. More...

Research Center for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA), Istanbul, Turkey, will organize its Second International Symposium on "Islamic Civilisation in Central Asia". More...

Congress of Russian Orientalists

XVIIth International Symposium on Electrical Apparatus and Technologies

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Russian Association of Orientalists, Department of History and Philology of Russian Academy of Science, and Kazan (Volga region) Federal University announce the VIII Congress of Russian Orientalists to beheld 25-28 September, 2012 in Kazan. More...

Technical University of Sofia Bulgaria and other universities and unions organized the symposium with the support of IEEE Bulgaria Section and VDE - Germany. More...

BSU was Awarded The International
Socrates Award

Pervasive Computing and the Networked
World 28-30 of November 2012

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The International Academy of Sciences and Higher Education (IASHE; Great Britain) in collaboration with its partner on the territories of post soviet states All-Ukrainian Academic Union (AUAU; Kiev-Odessa) conducted research analytics national championships. More...

The conference features the following three sessions and welcomes submissions from both academic and industries. TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE Internet of Things. More...

First Online Euras Conference
on 22 nd of June 2012

Euras Academic Journal
Spring/April 2012

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With the participation of 11 members from 10 Countries, EURAS 1st online Conference was held in Istanbul Aydin University. More...

We had already published this spring /april Academic Journal. For the topics. More...

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