II. Eurasia International Higher Education Summit Advisory Board

• EURIE Advisory Board meeting scheduled to take place on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 in order to determine EURIE 2017 Higher Education Summit road map and to have your and members of the Advisory Board’s, comments and thoughts.


Gratitude to Odlar Yurdu University

• We would like to express our gratitude for ODLAR YURDU University and distinguished participants of EURAS Academy. The training achieved a great success and perfectly completed thanks to participation and contribution of our members.


TEMPUS-PICASA conference at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

• On November 21-22, 2016 Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University will host the conference Internationalization of Teaching and Learning: Policies and Practices in the framework of the project “Promoting Internationalization of HEIs in Eastern Neighborhood Countries through Cultural and Structural Adaptations” (PICASA), funded through TEMPUS program by Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).


The Technical University of Sofia participates a European project to design an online assessment

• An online assessment which determines and develops an e-assessment system to authenticate students and identify the authorship for online learning areas. The European Commission has approved the TESLA projects, ((Adaptive Trust-based e-assessment System for Learning) The Technical University of Sofia attends the project.


2016 Nobel Prizes started announce

• Nobel Prizes has been announced. These are researchers, authors and peace advocates who, according to the vision of Alfred Nobel, have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind. read more


UK Goverment Will Support ‘Best’ Universities

• The UK government plans to introduce tougher rules for overseas students coming to Britain to study “low quality” courses, instead prioritizing the “best” universities. The proposal for further tightening of student visas is likely to be of huge concern to many in UK higher education, who see overseas students as a vital source of income to all universities as well as a major contribution to the UK economy and British “soft power”. read more


Asia a Model for Latin American University Innovation

• In a changing world where young people need to be better prepared for jobs in a growing knowledge economy, Latin America needs to be more like Asia, said Andrés Oppenheimer, a journalist and commentator on innovation in Latin America. “Latin America has a lot to learn from East Asia. It is undeniable that there is a greater culture of education in Asia,” he said, referring to the OECD’s standardized tests for 15-year-olds, PISA or Programme for International Student Assessment, which globally ranks performance and in which East Asian countries come out top while Latin American nations cluster towards the bottom ” read more


Hereby we will be glad to introduce a member of EURAS every week!


This week we would like to introduce one of our members Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM). Established on 1st December 2000 as the 1st Technical Public University in Malaysia. It is a pioneer in the “Practice and Application Oriented” teaching and learning method for technical education in Malaysia. There are 7 Faculties. And also specifically assigned by the government to collaborate and work closely with the industrial sector.


UTeM admits not only local but also international students and this includes students from Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Chad, Syria, Pakistan, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Tanzania, India, Somalia, Singapore, Qatar, Palestine, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Ghana, France, Yemen, Nigeria and Jordan.

  • Starting on 28 of October, ETN Focus Workshop
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  • Starting on 24 of October, IIE Summit 2016
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  • Starting on 21 of October, UniAgents European Education Summit 2016
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