EURAS was at 12th FICCI Higher Education Summit 2016

12th FICCI Higher Education Summit 2016 hosted a great number of attendees from various parts of the world in accordance with the expectation prior to the event. Especially the interactive sessions and Awards 2016 section let the expo turn into a more participative and enjoyable platform for everyone who faced kind of unusual content throughout 3 days.


EURAS Conference was succesfully held on 14 November 2016

The conference Failed Military Coup Attempt in Turkey and Its Reflections Worldwide that we successfully occurred through the prestigious speakers and hundreds of attendees. Throughout the conference the incident have been reviewed via various aspects covering energy sources, economic relations on the region, democratization movements and plenty of others to get the issue enlightened. The final section was kept for Questions & Answers as expected which allowed the attendees to ask the speakers about clarification of the points they had been wondering.



A seminar "Internationalization of educational processes in Ukrainian universities" was held in Odessa National Polytechnic University

• During the seminar the issues that were discussed were on implementation of the PICASA Project. 8 countries and 25 partners from the UK and the European Union (Austria, Belgium, Italy) and the EU Eastern Partnership Countries (Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus) were attended. There were 100 workshops and the visitors learned about new opportunities that provide them with a variety of internationalization direction of the University. read more


New university rankings to be launched in 2017

• The announcement of the new ranking of international universities – Three Missions of Universities – was done on 2nd of November by Viktor Sadovnichy, chairman of the Russian Union of Rectors and Moscow State University rector, writes Elena Proshina for RBTH (Russia Beyond The Headlines). The rankings is headquartered in Russia and the main purpose is to gather global recognition, and international experts will be involved in the work over time. The rankings will include Russian as well as foreign universities, specifically educational institutions in Japan, China, Brazil, India, Iran, Turkey and the Commonwealth of Independent States countries. The ranking was initiated by the Russian Union of Rectors and the Russian Academy of Sciences in response to a request from President Vladimir Putin.


China and Russia establish University Association

• China and Russia have signed a declaration to establish an association of universities to promote scientific and educational cooperation. The Convention on the Establishment of the Union of Universities between the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China is the result of a partnership of over 800 partnerships - 200 Russian and 600 Chinese - in important areas for both countries. These countries currently share more than 42,000 exchange students (over 25,000 Chinese students attending Russian universities and more than 17,000 Russian students enrolled in Chinese institutions).


Hereby we will be glad to introduce a member of EURAS every week!


This week we would like to introduce one of our valuable members “University of Aegean” from Greece which was founded 1984. The main purpose of The Aegean University introduce new approaches in higher education in Greece and worldwide and promote regional development. University of Aegean has 18 undergraduate (BA or BSc) and 28 postgraduate (MA or MSc) programmes in modern interdisciplinary thematic areas such as environment, communication systems, cultural informatics, product design, food and nutritional sciences, education design and Mediterranean studies. Aegean University has comprised a strong international academic and research profile. Herewith The University of Aegean has 210 bilateral and Erasmus academic agreements.


  • Starting on 22nd of November, 12th QS-APPLE (Asia-Pacific Professional Leaders in Education),Malaysia
  • Starting on 30th of November, IUNC Latin America 2016, Brazil.
  • Starting on 23th of February, Transatlantic Leadership Dialogue, Washington, DC.

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