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EURAS Academic Journal is about to be updated through a new and broader multidisciplinary content very soon. The remaining articles of our members as well as the ones we will newly receive from you will be attentively evaluated by our auditing board. Thereafter the feedback will be sent to recipients for an instruction about all details related to their articles prior to publication. Once it is accomplished as per the instructive feedback of our auditing board the authors will be notified about the publication status of their papers. We are kindly looking forward to hearing from you regarding your recommendations and new articles for EURAS Academic Journal which will be out via a brand newly updated content and structure covering diversified academic fields.


EURIE 2018 - Eurasia Higher Education Summit Pre Registrations Started for the Next Year

Following the completion of EURIE 2017 where we shared the informative data, multimedia content and all that on we would like to happily announce that we have started with the new registrations for EURIE 2018. If you would like to reserve your booking with beneficial early bird campaign prices please request your registration form by sending email to: [email protected]


Sub-Forum on Women Presidents, Women Rectors, Women Vice-Rectors, Women Deans, Bucharest, June 1-5, 2017

The Sub-Forum will be held by Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University of which the theme is “Adaptability & Breakthrough: University’s Reform and Innovation in the New Ecology of Higher Education” where the registration deadline has been postponed to 30th of April.
The papers delivered at the conference will be published in the Journal of Research in Gender Studies, Addleton Academic Publishers, New York, indexed in many international databases (submission deadline, September 1, 2017)
It should be also noted that all the expenses covering registration, trip and meals will be afforded by Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University... read more


Further Stages of Erasmus + AESOP Project Reviewed at Khazar University

On March 16, 2017, a meeting for the “Advocacy Establishment for Students through Ombudsman Position (AESOP)” Erasmus + project was organized at Khazar University, Azerbaijan.
At the meeting representatives of project partners from Georgia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan came together. The result of the needs assessment, ongoing and future activities were properly discussed by the attendees of the meeting.
The AESOP project is targeted on the establishment of ombudsman office for students’ advocacy, in order to efficiently carry out contribution to resolution for ongoing problems and other issues that students may have throughout university life... read more


The New English Test Duolingo is Considerably Attempting to Take Place

The Duolingo English Test was accepted a valid measurement of applicants’ English by over 60 universities where it seems to take an alternative role via its cost and time effective structure unlike the traditional language exams. Another point that should be importantly indicated is there are Colgate, UCLA and University Notre Dame that recognize Duolingo as a reliable test to measure the level of English of applicants. This new method of examination costs 50,-USD and its results comes out in 48 hours on a personal computer or even o a mobile phone… read more


VINCE – The Project for the Refugees’ Integration in Europe through Higher Education

VINCE is a project to be held by the EURAS partner institutions eucen – European University Continuing Education Network, aims to provide integration of the new comers of Europe by using the power of higher education. The project will run university staff training in VPL in order to meet the expected needs of the refugees for letting them reach out higher education more easily and smoothly. So that they will be able to get integrated into their new society far more properly in a relatively short period than it could have taken. Thus it might be a great chance for refugee issue to be solved much more comfortable than expected through higher education. The outputs of the project will be clarified by the recommendations of decision makers… read more


Hereby we will be glad to introduce a member of EURAS every week!


This week we would like to introduce one of our founding members Comrat State University, Moldova. Established in 1990, Comrat State University, shortly identified as CSU, is based in autonomous state of Gagauz Republic within Moldova. CSU has currently 5 major faculties that are Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of National Culture, Agro-technological Faculty and Military Department. Moreover the university pays special attention on international centers that consist of Azerbaijani Center, Great Britain Center, Greek Cultural Center, German Cultural Center, Russian Cultural Center, Cultural Center of the USA, Cultural Center of Turkey and Armenian Information Center where they are mostly encouraged and supported by the embassies of the countries during establishment and activities thereafter. Herewith we would like to appreciate their past contributions on EURAS and continuously have an increasing collaboration with Comrat State University.

  • Starting on 24th of April, Ireland International Conference on Education, Dublin, Ireland… read more
  • Starting on 26th of April, The First International Conference on Energy, Power, Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering, Beirut, Lebanon… read more
  • Starting on 27th of April, International Conference on Applied Statistics and Econometrics 2017, Tirana, Albania… read more