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EURIE meeting with Study in Turkey Representatives

EURAS & EURIE Team had a proper meeting with representatives of various state and foundation Turkish universities under the theme of “EURIE 2018” and “Internationalization of Higher Education in Turkey.” The main objective of the meeting was to discuss about the last year experiences with EURIE 2017 in order to see how and what to do to improve “Study in Turkey” performance for the Higher Education Summit to be held in Istanbul ın 14-16 February 2018. Accordingly, an announcement was made where special attendance opportunities came out for the Turkish universities that are member of DEIK – Foreign Economic Relations Board with the deadline that indicated as 30th of September 2017: [email protected]

EURIE 2018: the new prospectus is available online

EURIE 2018 – Eurasia Higher Education Summit to be held in Istanbul on 14-16 February, 2018 will cover a broader content with a renewed them for all the sponsors, speakers, panelists, exhibitors and visitor in 2018. Accordingly EURIE 2018 Prospectus including all the details regarding the concept of EURIE 2018: Click here to view it online

International Film Festival in Adana, Turkey supported by EURAS

As it was previously announced plenty of times Altin Koza International Film Festival in Adana, Turkey to be held between 25th of September and 1st of October is supported by Eurasian Universities Union. The application deadline is over as of working days of this week where the evaluation process by the jury has been started. Once the results will start to appear we will be occurring the announcements momentously… read more

Share your thoughts interactively on EURAS Blog

EURAS Blog, one of most interactive services within EURAS network, is welcoming your shares before the start of new academic years. The predictions about new academic year in higher education and upcoming events shall be the most popular topics on these days. Feel free to express your opinions via the user name and password dedicated to your institutions. For the latest posts authored by Prof. Hamlet Isaxnli, Founder and Chairman of Khazar University, Azerbaijan… view and read more on EURAS Blog


Archeological excavation by Manas University and TIKA

An archeological excavation project was run in a collaboration between Turkey – Kyrgyzstan Manas University and TIKA- Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency. It is being occurred in the region of Narin in the northern part of Kyrgyzstan. As of last week there have been great findings that trace back to 9th century. The project is estimated to be completed on 15th of August…read more

170 international students participated Yugosphere at International University of Sarajevo

On 6-7 August there was amazingly interesting event named Yugosphere that was parliamentary simulation to cover the Balkan youth for increasing their knowledge regarding cultural diversity in Europe and encouraging them to take roles in social affairs more actively and intensively. The event took place in several cities in Balkans such as Belgrade and Kragujevac in addition to two days hospitality of International University of Sarajevo… read more

Memorandum of Understanding between University of Baghdad and University of Leipzig

A memorandum of understanding was signed between University of Baghdad and University of Leipzig to cover admission of Iraqi students who are willing to study communication and information technologies in Germany and for MA and PhD students in Iraq to provide them with the possibility to occur their practical experiments in Germany... read more

Kazan Federal University was visited by the prestigious Bogazici University from Turkey

The delegation of Bogazici -Bosphorus- University had a meeting with representatives of Kazak Federal University for a possible cooperation where the sides agreed upon possible collaboration about Information Technologies, robotics and engineering as well as Turkish language studies as it has always been widely spoken due to cultural and ethnic roots in the region of Tataristan, Russia where Kazan Federal University is located... read more


Mission Differentiation and Specialization Aimed at Regional Development Program by Council of Higher Education in Turkey

Ahi Evran University in the field of agriculture and geothermal energy, Bingöl University in the field of agriculture and basin based development, Düzce University in the field of health and environment, Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University in the field of animal husbandry, Uşak University in the field of textile, leather making and ceramics were chosen as pilot universities in 2016 to conduct studies aimed at regional development in different fields with the aim of contributing their region. An evaluation meeting was held with the participation of Minister of Development, Mr. Lütfi Elvan and President of CoHE, Prof. Dr. M. A. Yekta Saraç s on 18 July 2017. COHE and Turkish Government have emphasized that they will continuously support the program ... read more

European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

European Year of Cultural Heritage is waiting for you to join. Aims of the year are described as encourage people to discover great and varied cultural heritage in Europe, carry out awareness about the unique value of culture and understand the real aspect of culture in our lives. The official date to launch European Culture Forum has been clarified as 7-8 December... read more

Real internationalization reported by THE

At one of recent Going Global conferences it was reported by Times Higher Education how the relation between internationalization of universities and financial affairs should be built. It was clearly indicated that it might destroy the efficiency of internationalization policies of universities if the higher education institutions are targeted too much on financial aspect of it… read more

Erasmus+ throughout Africa and the EU – Africa Strategy

EU – Africa strategy, carried out by European Commission for marking a new phase about Europe – Africa relations, brought 27 European and 54 African leaders together, will be developed considering the great potential of the African continent. The agreements between European and sub-Saharan Africa universities let higher education institutions to have approximately 100 outgoing and incoming students and staff in total which could be considered as a remarkably good improvement, of course. However the importance of Africa means a lot more than this where EU – Africa strategy, carried out by European Commission for marking a new phase, will be developed considering the great potential… read more

Regional universities in Japan seem to focus on research excellence

Japanese government plan to carry out world class research centers in regional universities to support them for the ability of international competitiveness. The plan is based on a 10 year term where one of the key elements will encouragement of collaboration of regional universities with international scholars and institutes… read more


Hereby we will be glad to introduce a member of EURAS every week in their own words

Goce Delcev University, founded in 2007, is located in Shtip, Macedonia. The city can be identified as a student city with its population of nearly 50.000 in total of which 15.000 consists of students of Goce Delcev University. Despite of the relatively small population of its hosting city Goce Decev University is covering 16 faculties that are Law, Mechanics, Construction and Architecture, Tourism, Natural and Technical Sciences, Electrics, Music, Technology, Information Technologies, Medicine, Education, Economics, Filology, Agriculture and Natural Sciences.
Goce Delcev University also pays high attention on internationalization where they have plenty of partner universities from out of Macedonia as well as the university is institutionally enrolled in international associations. It should be also noted that Goce Delcev University, as a state university in Macedonia, is ranked as the second best university within the public universities.
Herewith we would like to appreciate their past contributions on EURAS and continueously have an increasing collaboration with Goce Delcev University.


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