EURIE 2017 – Have a look at Our Collaborative Partners

Some of collaborative partners of EURIE 2017 – Eurasia Higher Education Summit in Istanbul between March, 22-24 are listed as UNIMED, Turkish National Agency, British Council and China Global Education of which you can see the full list on Due to contributive supports of the collaborative partners EURIE 2017 is powerfully coming soon where you are kindly expected to hurry up for the last remaining availabilities.


EURIE 2017 United Arab Emirates and Qatar Visits

The busy schedule has continuously went on for EURIE through a couple of visits to Dubai in UAE and Doha City in Qatar between 7th and 9th of February where great meetings were held with universities and official institutions in terms of networking that might make new opportunities and collaboration come out in the near future. It should be noted that EURAS’ President Dr. Mustafa Aydin had a meeting with Former Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Qatar, Dr. Hamad Bin Abdulaziz Al – KAWARI who is Qatar Candidate to DG of UNESCO in Paris and will be attending to EURIE 2017 as a keynote speaker.


London Wildlife Trust helping students turn Middlesex into a home for wildlife

LWT – London Wildlife Trust is providing the volunteer students with supportive help in order to make Middlesex University London campus an even better home for the wildlife. All the students are encouraged to be part of the activities that contribute to turn the campus a perfect place for the wildlife. This also carries out a great example in terms of cooperation between universities and civil society which hopefully leads all the higher education institutions to be more participative with such projects and activities. As EURAS, we would like to congratulate our member Middlesex University and we would like to invite all of 2017 EURIE Participants to meet with their representatives during EURIE Summit. read more


Sapienza Universita Di Roma as a Top International University

A new ranking classified as ‘’World’s Most International Universities 2017’’ was announced by Times Higher Education (THE) where 150 most international universities are listed. The ranking considers two major criterion that are international reputation and international outlook. International reputation is based on a survey presented to the academicians who should not be from the same country with the university which is measured. International outlook refers to 3 main points that are quantity of international students, quantity of international faculty members as well as quantity of academic publications approved by international authors. As EURAS, we would like to congratulate our member Sapienza Universita Di Roma and we would like to invite all of 2017 EURIE Participants to meet with their representatives during EURIE Summit. read more


Iran Student Mobility

Between year 1999 and 2015, Iran’s tertiary gross enrollment more than tripled from 19.13 percent to 71.9 percent. This is a higher ratio than in countries like Italy, Japan, or the United Kingdom, and twice as high as the global average. The country has seen substantial increases in outbound student mobility in recent years as well as the enrollment of Iranian women which became nearly 50 %. Educational demands among Iran’s progressively large tertiary-aged cohorts spurred the rapid massification of Iran’s higher education system. In the 1980s, the Iranian government began to promote the development of new higher education institutions, particularly in the private sector.

To compare the real progress, we can have a look at statistics from 1977 when ran had only 16 universities with a reported number of 154,315 students. After new millennium, the number of students enrolled at the tertiary level increased by 258 percent in the past 15 years – from 1.3 million in 1999 to 4.7 million in 2014. read more


The English Channel of British Council

British Council launched a new source named The English Channel, and it presents a wide range of movies, music and lifestyle video where it becomes quite comfortable and enjoyable for the viewers and listeners to improve their English levels. It should be also highlighted that there are the best examples of contemporary British Art provided by British Council and its partners which allows the authentic and real examples of English language currently being used. There is also an interactive structure for the users with the videos on the channel that shall lead them to highly increase their English skills covering vocabulary, grammatical knowledge and listening since it might be far more enjoyable for them to improve their language ability through discovering new points about culture and art. read more


Hereby we will be glad to introduce a member of EURAS every week!


This week we would like to introduce our member university – University of Bucharest.

University of Bucharest, as per its name, is based in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Historically the roots of University of Bucharest can be traced back to 1694 where the university started to operate named as Academy of Saint Sava delivering the education in Greek language even though the official date of establishment is 1864. Currently University of Bucharest covers 19 faculties with more than 31.000 full time students where there is a considerable number of international students that refers 1.000. The number of the people employed for lecturing is nearly 3.000 which is actually leading us to 10 percent of student –lecturer proportion.

In 2000 University of Bucharest was awarded the Diploma of Excellence by the Ministry of Education, and in 2007, The Times Higher Education Supplement ranked the University of Bucharest in its TOP 500 which made the university the only one in the country classified within such ranking list.


  • April 2-10, 2017 – International Student EDU Fair 2017, India
  • April 6-7, 2017 – EUA 2017 Annual Conference, Bergen, Norway
  • May 8, 2017 - Higher Education Policy and Lifelong Learning, London, UK
  • May 9-13, 2017 – ERASMUS Congress & Exhibition 2017, Maribor, Slovenia