EURIE, 2017 Hurry up for the last remaining booths to participate on 22-24 March

EURIE, 2017, to be held in Istanbul between 22-24 March, is approaching where we have been receiving a highly increasing number of orders from EURAS members as well as other higher education instutions. Thereof the registration has been scheduled as 19th of February for exhibitors and visitors both. To avoid any unwilling last minute rejection we would like to kindly ask you to speed up for contacting us on


EURAS – Eurasian Universities Union is likely to have a major role during EURIE, 2017

As it was previously annonced on all the periodical publications, web site and social media accounts EURAS General Assembly Meeting will be held on 22nd of March, the first of day EURIE, 2017 where there will be plenty of member universities that completed the registrations process by now. Furthermore there will be many members who participate through their booths and country pavillions that makes us feel proud via a great number of attendees who will actievely take part during seminars, conferences and panel sections.


The International University of Struga has signed a cultural and academic collaboration agreement with University of Milan

University of Struga from Macedonia has signed an agreement based on cultural and academic collaboration with one most Italian universities University of Milan.

The agreement covers the visit opportunity for students of University of Struga to one of the greatest and most ancient campuses in the world. There is another shining opportunity for the academic staff of International University of Struga as they will be able to work with prestigious academics and researchers of University of Milano regarding a wide range of projects read more


Seminar titled as “Interactive Methods in Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages” on April 14-15, 2017

On April 14-15, 2017, Khazar University will organize a seminar wtih the title of “Interactive methods in teaching and learning foreign languages” covering “English Language Portfolio” through the cooperation of OÜ Lingatore, Estonia. The seminar will be held on the Neftchilar Campus read more


Nearly 80 percent of British Universities sign up for TEF

Over 130 universities across the UK applied to be part of in year two of the teaching excellence framework (TEF), the Higher Education Funding Council for England (Hefce) has revealed.

234 univerities of 299 institutions overall, colleges and other providers within higher education have the acceptable metrics for a full TEF assessment,. 134 higher education institutions including the English members of the Russell Group have signed up that refers to almost 80 per cent of the 167 UK higher education providers according to the list made by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (Hesa).,

Jo Johnson’s statements published by Times Higher Education was:

“I am delighted that so many providers have decided to participate,” he said. “The teaching excellence framework will drive up the standard of teaching and give students clear, understandable information about where they are likely to receive the best teaching and outcomes. Such strong participation demonstrates that the sector has bought into the concept of the TEF, and I look forward to seeing the results of the assessments.” read more


Singapore startet to lead global education rankings

Singapore has the highest- primary and secondary pupils within international education measurements in maths and science. The top points within these rankings are mostly dominated by East Asian countries including South Korea and JapanThese international rankings are published every four years, based on tests taken by more than 600,000 students, aged nine to 10 and 13 to 14 in 57 countries. read more


Hereby we will be glad to introduce a member of EURAS every week!


This week we would like to introduce one of our new member: Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University. The University was founded as per an agreement in collaboration of governments of Republic o Turkey and Republic of Kyrgyzstan. The agreement was carried out in Izmir on 30th of September, 1995. Thereafter the university started to operate in the academic year of 1997-98. process at the University started in 1997-1998.

As of the first semester of the 2011-2012 academic year there were 3809 undergraduate students within 9 faculties, 4 high schools, 1 vocational school. Moreover there are 196 graduate students at 2 different institutions.

According to Turkish Council for Higher Education the university is considered as within same status with other universities of Turkey where there are also achievement base scholarship opportunities for the students in addition to regular non paid education of the university.

The current academic programs within the university are as following: Computer Engineering , Environmental Engineering , Food Engineering , Chemical Engineering , Business Administration , Economics , Finance , International Relations , Study of Turkic languages, History, Sociology , Philosophy , Western Languages ( English Language and Literature ), Eastern Languages ( Chinese Language and Literature ), Education Studies , Biology , Mathematics , Graphics , Pictures, Gardening and Field Plants , Plant Protection , Animal Science , Simultaneous Translation , Coaching and Sport Management , Physical training , Music , Performing Arts , Radio - TV , Cinema , Journalism , Public Relations , Tourism and Hotel Management , Travel and Tourism Guidance , Food and Beverage management, Teology get bachelor 's degrees; 2-year Professional High School students in Tourism and Hotel Management , Travel and Tourism Guidance , Food and Beverage Management, Office Management , Accounting and Construction Technician Programes, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with 5 year study provides the students with the title of "Veterinarian" and MA.
We hope to continuously have a great collaboration with Turkey-Kyrgyzstan Mansa University.


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