International Adana Film Festival – Students Short Film Competition

International Adana Film Festival to be held between 25th September and 1st October is waiting for the students to apply for the competition on International Students Short Film. To participate the competition you can visit EURAS website or you can guide the candidates within your network to do so. ... read more

EURAS participated *shipfest The Startup Festival and Global Universities Summit in Finland as a collaborative partner

As it was previously announce on EURAS.EXPRESS and EURAS social media channels, EURAS took place at *shipfest The Startup Festival and Global Universities Summit in Kotka, Finland between 11-13 July. The incubation center of IAU, one of the founding members of EURAS, attended the side event GUS – Global University Summit with EURAS together where there was great audience in terms of quantity and quality... read more

EURIE July Newsletter is ready with a great content

The periodical e-bulletin of EURIE was out as of the beginning of last week in which there are the latest news and highlights regarding upcoming EURIE 2018 – Eurasia Higher Education Summit to be held in Istanbul on 14-16 February. You can subscribe on EURIE website not miss anything about EURIE 2018 as well as higher education world or click here to read this month’s issue online.

Symposium on Being an International Student in Turkey

The symposium will review international students mobility in Turkey as well as the current challenges that the international students in Turkey through a wide range of aspects. EURAS is one of the main organizers of the event that will be held at IAU on 29-30 November, and the deadline for submissions is 30 October… read more


eucen Autumn Seminar: Financial sustainability in ULLL/UCE

eucen – European Continuing Education Network will organize its autumn seminar fully titled as How to establish and maintain financial sustainability in ULLL/UCE centers: Keys and tips to success in Barcelona, Spain on 16-17 November is where the main topics of the seminar are… read more

EMUNI University participated the presentation Debating the impact of regional integration on employment in the Euro-Mediterranean region

28-29 June 2017 in Beijing EMUNI attended at the presentation of the study entitled “How regional Integration leads to employment creation in the Euro-Mediterranean region” published by a group of researchers coordinated by partners of EMNES project in cooperation with EMEA and IEMED... read more

International Student Applications started at Technical University of Sofia

Application at the TU-Sofia is available for international students who hold a Secondary School Diploma, which lets them access to higher education institutions in the countries where they were done with their secondary education... read more

Young research fellows of Azerbaijan State University of Economics are the winners of Young Scholars and Financial Literacy

The scientific article titled as “The Role of Financial Literacy in raising the Capacity Potential: Investments and Crises” authored by the Head of UNEC’s “Board of Young Scholars”, a senior lector of the Department of “International Relations” Vugar Mammadzade and a member of the Board Samir Aghayev became the winner of Young Scholar and Financial Literacy... read more


New President of the ENIC Network

NOKUT’s Director of Foreign Education Stig Arne Skjerven has been appointed as the new president of ENIC Network for the next 2 years of period as per the regulation of ENIC. After the great collaboration we had at EURIE 2017, we would like to congratulate Stig Arne Skjerven for his position... read more

Latin America university rankings by Times Higher Education

The rankings that cover the top universities in the entire Latin America was announced by Times Higher Education within this week where the top list comes out as: State University of Campinas from Brazil, University of Sao Paulo from Brazil, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, University of Chile, University of the Andes from Colombia, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education from Mexico, Federal University of Sao Paulo from Brazil, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro from Brazil, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro from Brazil and National Autonomous University of Mexico... read more

The Shape of Global Higher Education report by British Council is out

The Shape of Global Higher Education reviews the policies of 26 countries through the criteria of Openness, Quality Assurance and Recognition, Access and Sustainability. The reports is covering the current circumstances within higher education globally in addition to some section where the future of higher education in the world is reflected as per the reviewed criteria… read more

Students may have to renew visas yearly in the U.S.

A revision on international students’ regulation appeared in the U.S. As declared by the United States Department of Homeland Security international students would be required to apply for their student visa every year during their study… read more


Odlar Yurdu University, Azerbaijan is looking for partners

This week’s university to be introduced for seeking new partners is Odlar Yurdu University from Azerbaijan. As one of valuable EURAS members and EURIE 2017 exhibitors we would like to ask you to review Call for Partners section of EURAS website for getting in touch with Odlar Yurdu University in order to cooperate on Bachelors, Masters and PhD programs as well as on Erasmus+ and other exchange programs. To take place on Call For Partner on EURAS.EXPRESS in next coming weeks please download and fulfill the form on EURAS website and return it to us on [email protected]


Hereby we will be glad to introduce a member of EURAS every week in their own words

Al al-Bayt University (AABU) is one of the public higher education institutions in Jordan, located 65 km from the capital, Amman, established in 1992, for sustainable development of the North-Eastern part of Jordan. The University is driven by a futuristic vision using a strategic approach and run by momentum and quality to achieve its occupational mission, and enhances the environment, infrastructure, human resources, accreditation, entrepreneurship and innovative for researchers, faculty members and students.
The basic infrastructure is by now completed and includes, 10 colleges, 4 scientific institutes and 10 scientific research and service centers, signifying the milestone of Jordan's capacity building and HR-development. The university offers more than 80-programs at the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels to about 20.000 students of which 15% are graduates. The international dimension is increasingly important with diversity that includes around 30 nationalities and forms about 12% of the student body.
AABU has been engaged and signed several agreements with different institutions and universities on national, regional and international levels for the purpose of strengthening and cooperating linkages in various aspects and fields. AABU is a motivated community of scholars and with a shared vision, it shows dedication to the quest of knowledge, the value of community service, and the importance of dialogue towards a stable and flourishing society. Herewith we would like to appreciate their past contributions on EURAS and continuously have an increasing collaboration with Al al-Bayt University.


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Odlar Yurdu University, Azerbaijan is looking for partners

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