EURAS & EURIE Team at booth #A306 at #EAIE2017

EURAS & EURIE Team will be participating EAIE 2017 Conference & Exhibition in Seville, Spain on 12-15 September. There will be a large delegation to represent EURAS & EURIE for the networking, publicity and public relations activities. The special promotions and opportunities will be presented to the attendees for the upcoming EURIE 2018 – Eurasia Higher Education Summit in Istanbul on 14-16 February. If you will be at EAIE 2018, come to booth #A306 for meeting with EURAS & EURIE Team.

Last two weeks for International Adana Film Festival supported by EURAS

Altin Koza, The International Adana Film Festival supported by EURAS will be held in Adana, Turkey between 25th of September and 1st of October where EURAS President Dr. Mustafa Aydin will attend the festival to present awards to the winners of International Students Short Film Competition on 30th of September on behalf of Eurasian Universities Union. For the latest details regarding the International Adana Film Festival you are highly advised to keep an eye EURAS social media channels.

#EURIE2018 speakers started to appear

The speakers who will take part at EURIE 2018 as keynote speakers and panelists started to appear with the headlines and summarized contents of the speeches and presentations. At EURIE 2017 we were proud to welcome plenty of highly prestigious speakers from ministers, international NGO leaders to university presidents, rectors, academics and higher education professionals. This year, again, we will try our hardest to meet the high criteria of EURIE Summit through the speeches of prestigious invitees… read more

EURAS Academy to be held in Iran on 15th of October

EURAS Academy will be hosted at Amir Kabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) on 15th October as properly introduced before on EURAS.EXPRESS, EURAS social media channels and other sources.If you would like to be informed about latest trends and patterns of internationalization in higher education by attending EURAS Academy you are welcome to register on EURAS website for the last appointments of the organization… read more


International Conference: Black Sea Regional Cooperation: Opportunities and Challenges by Dimtrie Cantemir University and Istanbul Aydin University

The international conference titled as Black Sea Regional Cooperation: Opportunities and Challenges will be held in collaboration between Dimitirie Cantemir Christian University and Istanbul Aydin University. Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University will host the participants on 2-3 November. The deadline for the submissions is 30th of September, and all the submitted papers will be published on Conference Proceedings Volume in Istanbul and selected ones on Istanbul Aydin University's Journal, Florya Chronicles of Political Economy. Please contact [email protected] and [email protected]

HLAF Scholarships for doctoral and postdoctoral studies of International University of Sarajevo

Before the beginning of next academic year a Memorandum of Academic and Scientific Cooperation was signed between HLAF – Human Life Advancement Foundation and International University of Sarajevo whereof the students will be able to benefit the scholarships as of the academic year 2017/18. It might be a great opportunity for those who are at the doctoral or postdoctoral stage of their academic career plans… read more

Memorandum of Cooperation between IUG and PFESP

A memorandum of cooperation was signed between Islamic University of Gaza and Palestinian Fund for Employment. The main goals of the agreement are higher studies, scientific researchers and training and employing of graduates.Accordingly IUG and PFESP will support each other with specific development of research areas, innovative projects to growth potential markets as well as employment of new graduates and of those who are unemployed... read more

Baku State University celebrated its 98th anniversary

Baku State University celebrated its 98th anniversary due to establishment of the university on 1st of September 1919. Started with 2 faculties Faculty of Philology and the Medical Faculty covering more than 1.000 students 98 years ago Baku State University continued to expand thanks to plenty of academic who were leading the fields they worked... read more

Data Science Meetup at Odessa National Polytechnic University

The seminar Data Science Meetup was given at Odessa National Polytechnic University by Prof. Dr. Alexander Gummerman from University of London (Royal Holloway College) which was titled as 'Algorithmic Learning: Conformal Predictors and Testing'. Students, graduates, lecturers and professionals of private companies on the field of Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition and applications of theirs were hosted at the seminar... read more


Times Higher Education World Rankings 2018

The results of Times Higher Education World Rankings 2018 are out as of this week where there is a list of slightly more than 1.000 higher education institutions that are identified as the top ones in the whole world. We would like to congratulate all the universities enrolled in Times Higher Education World Rankings 2018 with a special part for our members Sapienza University of Rome, Italy University of Palermo, Italy, University of Porto, Portugal, University of Aegean, Greece , Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran, University of Bucharest, Romania and Gazi University, Turkey... read more

Datuk Prof. Dr. Rujhan Mustafa is the new president of EMGS

Datuk Prof. Dr. Rujhan Mustafa has been the new president of EMGS – Education Malaysia Global Services by replacing Mohd Yazid Abd Hamid who was in charge between November 2012 and May 2017. His first statement due to this appointment pointed that special attention paid on international student affairs such as visa applications and medical screenings, and all the players within higher education will be importantly communicated for a successful and smooth performance... read more

Higher education and generation Z – Is it going to work?

Generally those who were born after the year 1995 represent the generation Z are currently studying at higher education institutions. Some of them already started to take place at work with their technology and communication habits of which the main distinction is that generation Z was born in a world internet, social media and all other ‘new’ sources already existed. The impact of generation Z should be taken seriously also at higher education for renewing structures of institutions in line with the gen Z… read more

How to build brands in higher education?

The higher education has been getting industrialized more than ever whereof the frequently used terms start to come out as market, marketers, quantity of student enrollments, fees etc. Thereof brand identity shall essentially enter into the agenda of universities to maximize applications and registration of students at the highest level by keeping the variety of international students and staff. If you would like to get informed about several key elements as a guidance for universities to build their unique brand... read more

DG Yearly interpretation bursaries to apply by 15th of September

The DG interpretation bursaries are available to those who come from any academy discipline, but has been currently eligible for a full-time postgraduate course for conference interpreting. In addition to EU member states, citizens of Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey can apply for the bursaries as long as they meet the required criteria... read more


Hereby we will be glad to introduce a member of EURAS every week in their own words

An- Najah National University, established in 1977, is identified as a non-governmental public university in Nablus, Palestine. Historically An-Najah can trace back to 1918 where the first step was made through the primary school named An-Najah Nabulsi School.
An-Najah University currently covers 22.000 students in total within 13 different faculties where it currently refers to the largest higher education institution in the entire Palestine. An-Najah University defines its mission as advancement of learning, share of knowledge and maximizing the skills that are needed by the youth to achieve success personally and professionally in all spheres of life. It is worth to particularly point that one of missions of An -Najah University is described as a love of understanding in the students.
Herewith we would like to appreciate their past contributions on EURAS and continuously have an increasing collaboration with An-Najah University.


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