Connect with EURAS & EURIE at NAFSA 2019 Conference

Next week, EURAS & EURIE Team will be at NAFSA Conference & Expo in Washington, DC on 28-31 May, 2019. If you are attending in NAFSA 2019, it will be our pleasure to meet you at Study in Eurasia-EURAS Booth #1616 and explore collaboration possibilities with EURAS as well as EURIE – Eurasia Higher Education Summit. To facilitate your time management, EURAS & EURIE Teams will be glad to offer you an individual 30 minute meetings at your convenience. [email protected]

#EURIE2020 Summit: Uniting for international education

As published on official EURIE Summit website the main theme of EURIE 2020 - Eurasia Higher Education Summit has been selected as Uniting for International Education where the subthemes come out as Global Learning Initiatives; Trends in International Student Flows; Leadership in Internationalization; Regional Dynamics in Higher Education; Digitalization and Innovation in Higher Education…read more


“Importance of Protecting Private Data in Universities From Cyber Attacks” Session at NAFSA

As the cases of worldwide cyber-attacks on private data in universities are increasing, so is the importance of protecting this data. You are cordially invited to this trend topic presentation “Importance of Protecting Private Data in Universities From Cyber Attacks”, presented jointly by our member-Istanbul Aydın University and the Capitol Technology University, Maryland on Thursday May 30 at 14:30-15:30 at NAFSA 2019 Conference in Washington, DC.

The Call for proposals for the scientific programme of ESOF2020 Trieste

Call for proposals for The EuroScience are now open for the composition of the scientific program of the event, which will take place on 5-9 July, 2020 in the Porto Vecchio area of the Julian capital. Science and technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, politics, communication sector leaders and all those who want to bring ideas, strategies and innovative formats on the relationship between science and society can present their ideas through the website www.esof.euread more

International scientific conference on "Modern Trends in Physics" at Baku State University

Scientists from the leading universities and research institutes of Turkey, Russia, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, Germany, Georgia and other countries has participated in the International scientific conference on "Modern Trends in Physics" organized by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan, Baku State University, the Regional Network STAR-NET, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia) and Sapienza University…read more


Call for proposals: Sport as a tool for integration and social inclusion of refugees

As sport is one of the tools that might be used for the successful integration of refugees, local sport projects in particular may have an increasing role in trying to facilitate refugees' integration into new communities. This pilot project by EC is a contribution to this effort and to a better integration of refugees through sport. Proposals must be submitted online and deadline is 4th of July, 2019 (12:00pm Brussels time)…read more

The Shape of Global Higher Education: International Comparison with Europe-Report

The British Council released a new report that provides an update of the national policy landscapes for France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Russia and the UK. The research is extended to include some new countries with the aim of achieving a better geographical coverage: Bulgaria, Poland, Ireland, Italy and Spain. The shape of global higher education' generates greater knowledge and understanding of the policy environment for international higher education, and supports policy makers and higher education professionals in comparing and benchmarking the level of national support for international engagement in higher education. This update is the fourth in the series, which we have been running since 2016. The research now covers more than 50 countries, having revised the policy picture for 14 countries and added six new national overviews…read more

Internationalization of Higher Education in the New Political Climate

The 5th IAU Global Survey collected responses from 907 higher education institutions (HEIs) from 126 countries. An interesting picture of internationalization of higher education emerges from the analysis of the results. The majority of HEIs that replied to the survey attached a high level of importance to internationalization, an increase over the last three years. However, this increase happened mainly in HEIs where the level was already high, not at HEIs where the level was low. This portends growing differentiation in the level of commitment to internationalization among HEIs. majority of HEIs. The aim of the 5thIAU Global Survey was to capture a big picture of internationalization of higher education around the world at a particular moment in time…read more


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