Euras Projects

EURAS Eurasian Universities Union is a network of universities  focusing to develope program and generate policies to promote educational, cultural, economic and environmental capacity of Eurasian region.

In this framework, EURAS is dealing with Exchange of lecturers and students between member universities, organising common projects and activities, networking national institutes and libraries for common use, launching researchs for solutions of regional problems, promoting youth initiatives targeting better education and outreach to scientific community in Eurasian region.

More than 80 universities from all over Asia, Middle East, Caucasus,Central Asia, Balkans and EU countries are members of EURAS and participating  actively to the programs and projects of the Union which is based in Istanbul Aydin University where accomodating  the Permanent Secretariat.

Currently, Euras has working  on  different  projects as follows;

*Erasmus Mundus Promo-EHE2A (Promotion Higher Education in Asia Education Institution)-EU Project.
*Development of NGOs Management Capacity in EUROPE–Supported by Turkish Government
*Pre-School Education in Europe-Supported by Turkish Government
*Eurasian Students in Action –Supported by Youth and Sports Ministry of Turkey
*Improving the Quality of VET in Turkey

*Strengtening Capacity of National and Local NGOs on Combating Violence Against women

*E-Content Based Educational, Cultural and Artistic Development Programme Project