About Us



Launched in 2008, EURAS is the union covering universities and other higher education institutions within the Eurasian region.

EURAS is a non-profit international association, promoting cooperation among over 110 universities from all across the West and Central Europe, Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East as well as the whole of Asia and working for the global advancement of educational standards in the Eurasian region.

Being the cradle of all known civilizations and having the 2/3 of all the world population, the Eurasian region thus represents a center of excellence in terms of educational developments and cultural flows.

By building an international educational platform for regional universities, EURAS serves its members as a gateway to reach the best educational services worldwide.

As per the aim of internationalization via a dynamic and communicative network EURAS has been strongly working on a wide range of fields in order to reach the highest achievements globally.

EURAS, as one of the fastest growing higher education associations, connects universities and all the higher education institutions belonging to different geo-political and cultural backgrounds and seeks ways to enhance their dialogue and exchange of best practices.


Eurasian Universities Union’s mission can be summarized as follow:

  • Building a platform for regional universities to reach international educational services
  • Establishing cooperation and networking among members
  • Improving academic standards of education
  • Supporting innovation
  • Encouraging student and academic staff mobility
  • Promoting policy development internationally
  • Representing the interests and concerns of member universities by supporting their prestige and visibility worldwide
  • Strengthening leadership of Eurasian universities by sharing knowledge and exchanging best practices


Eurasian Universities Union’s vision is to promote sustainable peace and advanced technology worldwide through cultural developments and new educational systems.

EURAS’ vision for the future is to contribute the society consisted of self-aware and highly qualified individuals benefiting from global education and mobility services. EURAS aims to open the borders of education to the public and to favor the exchange of knowledge and best practices among higher education institutions from the entire Eurasian region.

In order to accomplish these goals, we believe that connecting the universities from diverse identities can carry out the distinction in guaranteeing real equality and accessibility to excellence in educational standards.


EURAS has been established to create a wide and productive ground for mutual sharing in various academic, social and cultural areas. Each step taken for a certain end will also bring its own gateway to many other aspects and contribution into the enrichment of activities of the members and union.

EURAS is mainly targeted on the following projects and services:

  • Joint projects under EU, UN and national agencies programs
  • EURIE-Eurasia Higher Education Summit-Annual Conference of EURAS
  • Joint research and development activities
  • Periodical and academic publications
  • Student and academic exchange programs
  • Thematic conferences, seminars and meetings
  • Online events, webinars, workshops
  • Short term programs, Summer schools and internships
  • Certificate programs for EURAS Members
  • Awards and scholarships
  • Volunteer programs
  • Database portal and Members guide
  • Ranking systems
  • Interactive platforms such as blog page and other common areas for intercommunication