Career Pathway by EURAS

EURAS Career, the brand new service provided by Eurasian Universities Union

EURAS, as the representative of Eurasia via higher education, is targeted on increasing the mobility through job and career opportunities within universities.  The job opportunities of universities within the Eurasian region will be announced and linked here in order to promote the visibility of your job ads through the wide and unique network of Eurasian Universities Union.

The job you will offer will lively take place where there will be plenty of visitors reaching out your job opportunities just by one click. The one who is suitable with the requirements of your available position might be perfectly matching with your criteria, but be unaware of the job will be informed and directed to apply momentously.

You can comfortably contact us on [email protected] to let us know about your job ad. We will announce it on our home pahe in a visible and attractive way for letting the candidates know about and apply for those job opportunities. For the candidates who would like to be employed in higher education and for the higher education institutions and relevant organizations who are seeking domestic and international employees it will be a great possibility not to miss out each other’s corresponding expectations.