Publish with EURAS

Why Publish With EURAS Academic Journal?

  • High Quality and Fair Peer Review

Together with our scientific board of over 50 active researchers across all disciplines, we provide excellent editorial service to guide your paper from submission through the peer review process to publication. In our peer review process, we aim for two expert referee reports on every article, ensuring quality and fairness.

  • Fast Publication

Publishing your research quickly is one of our top priorities. You can immediately share your research with your peers around the world as soon as it is reviewed and accepted. We are fast – on average, our papers receive a first decision in 3 to 6 weeks.

  • High Publication Standards

EURAS Academic Journal publishes each paper to a very high standard in both hard copy and online versions. Our in-house production team ensures that your paper looks as good as possible both in print and online.

  • Free of Charge

Submission and publication is free of charge in EURAS Academic Journal

  • Multidisciplinary Scope

EURAS Academic Journal welcomes research papers from all scientific disciplines, from the most fundamental and theoretical work through applied and multidisciplinary research. Any paper reporting original and technically sound results will be published regardless of novelty. There will be a special subject for every quarter of a year that helps us to receive valuable papers in almost every field.

  • High Visibility and Broad Scope

EURAS Academic Journal is available all over the world, and is abstracted by major services ensuring the right people are reading your research.

  • Open Access

EURAS Academic Journal is a fully open access journal. Your article will be immediately and permanently available for readers to read, download, and share with more than 15.000 contacts in our network.

  • Expert Support Team

Highly trained staff to provide guidance and support.

How to Submit:

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically through [email protected] .