Call for VII. Atmospheric Science Symposium


VII. Atmospheric Science Symposium

28,30 April 2015 İstanbul Technical University
 29 April 2015 İstanbul Aydın University



Distinguished Colleagues,

Atmosphere plays an important role in living mechanisms such as human beings. In recent years the frequency of severe weather phenomena, like drought, flood and forest fires resulted in in loss of life and property illustrating an increasing trend. Today, many sectors have been affected by atmospheric conditions, but none more than aviation which is developing all over the world. In Turkey, there are new and important improvements in aviation in parallel to economic growth.

Similar improvements have been recorded in aviation meteorology. This symposium, ATMOS2015, is based on and, takes as its focus on atmospheric sciences/aviation covering various papers on aviation with resulting research discussed and shared with all participants. The main topic of ATMOS2015 has been selected as “aviation”. 7th. Atmospheric Sciences Symposium will be organized by Istanbul Technical University, Department of Meteorology, with co-operation of Istanbul Aydın University. All atmospheric and inter-disciplinary topics will be discussed at the symposium. Selected papers will be published in eligible international journals.

The main goal of ATMOS2015 Symposium is to foster discussion in detail with different national and international institutions, universities, and organisations. It is also expected that some new policy statements for policy enforcement and legislators will be involved. A very important platform will be built up at the symposium.

Participants from a background in theoretical or experimental fields have been invited. With collaboration and co-operation of politicians, scientists, academicians, and sectors, it will be an exceptional meeting. ITU and IAU have secured the co-operation and collaboration of Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU), General Directorate of Turkish Air Lines (THY), Turkish State Meteorological Service (TSMS), General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM), Marmara Regional Clean Air Directoriate (MTHMBM), Turkish Chamber of Meteorological Engineers (TMMOB) and State Hydraulic Works (DSI).


Important contributions in the field of each institution are expected at the end of this symposium. It is expected to have an opportunity to bring together national and foreign scientists who will present some new results in this field, share new technologies, computer programs, enlarging the scientific horizon, especially for young scientists. We are pleased to be with you in Istanbul in April, 2015 at this important Symposium and benefit from the high level presentations, focused debate, and exchange of information. Organising committee would like to thank all participants and contributors especially to THY.


Chair, ATMOS2015

 Assoc.Prof. Dr.Ali DENİZ