UNIVER-SEA.NET” Project InEZ5B2194ternship Program held in Istanbul Aydın University with participation of 21 students from the 9 universities in the Black Sea Basin between the date of 15th February – 1st March, 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey.

“UNIVER-SEA.NET” is a project which was carried out with the aim of sharing experiences and educational values between the universities in the Black Sea Basin with a common education program and Eurasian Universities Union is supporter partner of the project.
 “UNIVER-SEA.NET” Project partners which were planned within the Black Sea Basin Cross Border Cooperation Programme (2007 – 2013) are; Istanbul Aydın University and Karabük University (Turkey), Constanta Andrei Saguna University (Romania), International Black Sea University (Georgia) and Academy of Public Administration (Moldova)
Within the Internship program, students had taken different kind of courses such as History of Istanbul, Intercultural Learning and Global Warming and Black Sea under the leadership of IAU Project team. Along with courses, students have found opportunity to visit natural and historical places of Istanbul such as Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Dolmabahce Palace, Prince Islands, Fener-Greek Patriarchate, Pier Loti Hill. Also, students visited Istanbul Aydın University, Fashion Design Department for felting their own mat scarfs. At the end of the program, participation certificates were given to all participant students with farewell dinner.