Eurasian  Universities Association (EURAS-Eurasian Universities Union), in cooperation with the Istanbul Aydın University planned series of conferences of leaders invited as a speakers in a Eurasian  geography.

3rd Leadership Conference “Kosova-Turkey relationship in the field of education, culture and the developments” on 3rd of December 2012. Has been held in IAU where the honored quest and the chief speaker was Kosovo Deputy of Prime Minister Dr. Edita Tahiri. Conference held by the participation of congressman alyan Gülay Vatansever, President of the IAU Board of Trustees Dr.Mustafa Aydın and EURAS, Rector of the Istanbul Aydın University Dr.Yadigar Izmirli and many other association’s leaders. In her opening speech Prof.Dr. Yadigar Izmirli point out that, “Between Turkey and Kosovo have a very strong political, economic, religious and culturel ties. As the Istanbul Aydın University we gave an extraordinary priority to the cooperation  in education  and offer great educational-training opportunities to the student  from Balkan countries including Kosovo” she conclude her speech.

Emphasizing importance of the two countries relationship she continueher speech Turkey gave great attention to the Kosovo’s stability, territorial integrity and development, integration into European and Euro-Atlantic structures as well as establishing Turkey’s great support to Kosovo in education field, increasing the mutual visits and studies.

The President of the IAU and EURAS Dr. Mustafa Aydın welcomed Deputy of Prime Minister by the speech “We are delighted to meet a leader such as Edita Tahiri. There was a question if we will consider the hundread years comon cultural and historical relationship so all of us are Turks, all of us are kosovians. The Conference ended by the granting of the plates to the Deputy of Prime Minister of Kosovo, Prof.Dr. Edita Tahiri by the President of the EURAS. Dr.Mustafa Aydın  and by the Rector Prof. Yadigar Izmirli.