Euras Annual Meeting 2010

Euras Annual Meeting 2010

1) Dr. Mustafa Aydin – EURAS President,
2) Prof. Dr. Momcilo Luburici – President of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University
3) Muzaffer Baca – EURAS General Secretary,
4) Handan Tezkanlı – EURAS Communication Coordinator
5) Anastas Angjeli – Rector of the Mediterranean University,
6) Nevila Rama – General Secretary of the Mediterranean University
7) Prof. Dr. Mustafa Erdem – Professor at Ankara University’s Department of
Religious Studies
8) Prof. Dr. Abdulhamit Avsar – Turkey Representative of Baku Asia University
9) Prof. Dr. Kazım Sarıkavak – Head of the Department of Philosophy at Gazi
10) Prof. Cristiana Cristureanu – Vice President of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian
11) Arber Reci – General Secretary of Iliria University
12 – Kalina Serafimova – EURAS Representative of Vuzf University
13) Retired General Prof. Dr. Constantin Degeratu – Rumanian Representative of
Retired Military Officers Association,
14) Prof. Dr. Constanja CHITIBA – Head of Department of International Relations of
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian
15) Prof. Dr. Albina Gırfanova – Professor at Faculty of Philology at Saint Petersburg

1- Euras 2008 – 2010 Activity Report
President Dr. Mustafa Aydin made a PowerPoint presentation on EURAS 2008 –
2010 Activity Report. We can summarize the contents of the Activity Report as
Establishment and objectives of EURAS,
Support provided by Istanbul Aydın University for EURAS Secretariat,
Meetings held so far,
Projects realized so far,
Introduction of the first Scientific Journal,
Laying emphasis on the exchange program for students and academics,
Collaboration studies among members,
Indicating the need for a more active participation of the members in the produced projects and social activities,
Asserting that number of members has rapidly increased in the last 2 years.
EURAS President Dr. Mustafa Aydın announced contents and objectives of EURAS
Scientific Journal. He stated that later on this journal would be turned into a referred
journal by the active participation of our Members and serve as a guideline allowing
our members to closely follow the current scientific developments.
Our members reviewed the journal implied that they will give support for the articles
to be published in the journal. It was indicated that the journal to be published
periodically would deal with a specific subject matter in each issue and that these
subject matters and articles should be reviewed by a Scientific Review Board to be
In addition, members laid especially emphasis on increasing the font size of the
published materials.

2 – Detailed Information on the Exchange Program for Students and Academics

EURAS General Secretary Muzaffer Baca gave information about the Exchange
Program for Students and Academics. He stated that the legislation for the exchange
program for students and academics should be reviewed by the members, whom
detailed contents and forms regarding the Program were delivered to, and that the
members should present their opinions on that issue.

General Secretary Muzaffer Baca said: “We’ll empower EURAS with the
contributions and ideas of yours, our dear valued members”.
Moreover, EURAS General Secretary Muzaffer Baca also requested that the
legislation for the exchange program for students and academics should be reviewed
by the members and that they should immediately present their opinions on that

Prof. Dr. Cristiana Cristureanu, Vice President and International Relations
Specialist of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University, announced that there were
no problems regarding the exchange for academics and that only the universities of
the countries not being a member of European Union faced difficulties regarding the
exchange program for students.

EURAS President Dr. Mustafa Aydın implied that if importance would be really
attached to the issue of student exchange, there could be campuses established for
foreign students later on.

Arber Reci, General Secretary of Iliria University said that international language
programs should be realized in the fields of Business and Economics and that these
programs are more easily-realizable for our institution. He emphasized that the
common language program will facilitate the common education.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Erdem (Ankara University) said as follows: “Exchange program
for students and academics will provide academic development in order to meet on a
common ground by minimizing the differences between people from different
geography, culture and countries. Erasmus or a program alike may be benefited
from to ensure improvement regarding this issue. It may also be benefited from 2+2
diploma programs. It may be suitable to realize and group the student exchange
program considering the cultural differences. EURAS Scientific Journal could be
turned into a referred journal by maintaining continuity with the articles of our
Prof. Dr. Momcilo Luburici, Founder of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian
University, said: “There are powerful universities in Turkey and they desire to be
involved in Bologna system. Common studies could be accomplished for M.A. and
Ph.D programs in the field of Economics and Management. Powerful universities
within the scope of EURAS could support the other ones regarding programs.

Anastas Angjeli, Rector of the Mediterranean University said: “I firstly intend to
imply that a very good harmony has been established with the different nationalities
gathered here. I do have only a single significant idea. I wonder how Erasmus and
Europe will change in future or whether there will be bilingual publications in English
and Russian. We are ready to give support for development regarding any aspect.
Study programs regarding Economic Relations could be opened”.

Momcilo Luburici, Founder of D.C.U., said: “There is a university in Rumania
named Lumina, meaning Light, which has been founded by Turkish people. This
university had 3 Departments but no students. Annual fee was 3000€, therefore only
9 students were registered. We could create financial solutions for the student
exchange and improvements”.

Prof. Luburici proposed to found a university in Bucharest with faculties in different
member countries of EURAS, which would offer M.A and Ph.D studies in English in
the field of International Economics and Management. He stated that this program
could give an EU diploma. Kosova Illiria was cool towards this idea of Prof. Luburici.
Mediterranean University of Albania, on the other hand, leaned towards this idea.
Turkish universities were not much interested.

He thought that the students could more easily participate in this program because
they will study one year preparation class in English.

Kalina Serafimova, EURAS Representative of Vuzf University said on the other
hand: “There are no difficulties regarding the student exchange programs of
countries being a member of European Union, however, we research and compare
the course contents for the students from other countries. We proceed when these
researches are completed. We are always open to the double major programs and
collaborations alike. I should say that EURAS Scientific Journal will rather be
published in English”.

Abdulhamit Avsar, Turkey Representative of Baku Asia University: “I firstly
intend to imply that EURAS project is a tremendous project. We are among the initial
founders of this Union. Istanbul Aydın University has taken all responsibilities
regarding EURAS. Other member universities should also take supportive role in
such organizations. We should focus on 3 basic issues and continue to study on
these, these are: 1 – Student exchange; 2 – Scientific Projects; 3 – Researches.”

Prof. Kazım Sarıkavak, Representative of Gazi University, “I thank all the
participants. I also thank very much to our member for his hospitability. We thank
Dear Mustafa Aydın, who provided opportunity for realizing such an organization. I intend to see this group being extended in number in Ankara as well. I do believe
that problems discussed here will be resolved under the guidance of our President.”
Prof. Dr. Sarıkavak proposed that EURAS together with Eurasia Philosophical
Association organize a philosophy congress in Ankara in the first quarter of the next
year under sponsorship of Gazi University.

Prof. Dr. Dincer Beduk, Vice President of Selçuk University, said: “There are 3
issues to be investigated:

1 – Exchange for Students and Academics;
2 – Research;
3 – Scientific Journal.

The most important one among these is the student exchange program. This issue should be examined in two contexts: 1 – Financial; 2 – Global. We are one of the universities offering Erasmus program. We faced many troubles in the implementation of this program regarding both the curriculum and financial situation. If we could resolve these problems, I think it is possible to reach the success. I think that this program will be successful”.

Prof. Ion Ionescu – Project Coordinator of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian
University stated that he intended to take a concrete step and, as “Dimitrie
Cantemir” Christian University, he delivered the project proposal regarding the
foundation of the Bucharest International Multidisciplinary Research Center to the
participant members. He indicated that he expected the participations in the project.
Project will be electronically submitted to all members of EURAS via Secretariat and
then a committee will undertake the studies.

Retired General Prof. Dr. Constantin Degeratu proposed on the other hand to
initiate a common certificate education program with the subject of (International
Security Strategies). He explained that he has studied on the course content
regarding this subject and they were ready to share this study with all members.

EURAS President Dr. Mustafa AYDIN stated as following:

“-We thank for all these ideas and participations. This is the place the ideas meet.
We exchange our ideas here. We should produce solutions by talking to each other.
Firstly, as EURAS, we require to be institutionalized. We should continuously climb
higher. We should accelerate our development by gathering 2 times in a year.

We thank “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University very much for providing us this
opportunity. We should spare time for realizing activities not for talking. We should
firstly realize the Student Exchange Program and receive no fees at least from some
of these students, for example from 5-10 students. We should allow to establish a
cultural bond. I could provide full scholarships for 200 students. If we intend to
become an international university, we should do this. We should share with each
other what we do for promotion and our helpful examples regarding the fields of
education and economics. We should share with each other how we could impress
the students, how we get through the universities that are continuously established day by day, what the new educational trends are and our opinions about these

Our Scientific Journal, which has been provided as a sample, does involve faults in
any case. This is the first step in creating an internationally renowned journal.
We exchange students among our member universities, however, these numbers do
not satisfy us.

We should exchange sufficient number of students.

We thank Handan for updating our web site and providing communication between
our members.

We kindly request you to deliver us the recent activities regarding your university to
publishing them in our web site.

We should organize education fairs. We should ensure that all the universities
exchange opinions together. We should prioritize our objectives. We should not work disorganized.

To my mind, student exchange program should be realized primarily.

Project proposal from “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University will be shared with all
our members. Electronic copy of the project will be delivered to us.

I thank all the participants.

Following the meeting, information about the candidates, who wanted to participate in
three of the committees proposed for EURAS, was requested. Accordingly,
candidates for the following committees were specified as follows. New candidates
will be added to the existing ones through the correspondences to be performed
within the scope of EURAS. Then, CV’s will be evaluated and final committees will be
established. In addition to this, this meeting gave a start for gathering candidates for

EURAS Scientific Journal Editorial Board and Scientific Board.
Candidates for EURAS Committees:

1.Scientific Committee:

Kalina Serafimova – Vuzf University
Anastas Agjeli – Mediteranean University of Albania
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Erdem – Ankara University

2 – Student Exchange Committee:

Cristiana Cristureanu– Vice President of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University
Nevila Rama – General Secretary of Mediterranean University
Prof. Dr. Dinçer Beduk – Vice President of Selçuk University
Istanbul Aydın University – Prof. Petya Ivanova -VUZF University

3 – Project Committee

Alber ReciIlliria University – Kosovo
Nevila Rama – Mediterranean University of Albania
Prof. Dr. Cosmin Stoica -“Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University – Romania
Kalina Serafimova – VUZF University – Bulgaria
Prof. Dr. Kazım Sarıkavak – Gazi University Turkey

For the Boards of EURAS Scientific Journal

a. Editorial Board

We will determine the candidates when we receive submissions from all the
members of EURAS.

b. Scientific Board

Dr. Abdulhamit AVSAR – Baku Asia University
Anastas Angelji – President of Mediterranean University
Dr. Mikhal Reci – Illiria University
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Erdem – Ankara University

Other candidates will be finalized following correspondences performed with all the
members. Later on, they will be determined according to their CV’s.

4- Determination of the final members of the committee upon the examination
of CV’s of persons to constitute committees

A letter requesting the candidates will be sent to all the members of EURAS by the
secretariat and CV’s and candidates for boards and committees will be selected.

1- It has been decided to determine the candidates for EURAS committee, that
the final members of the committee start with their activities following the
examinations carried out,
2- To increase the font size of the EURAS Scientific Journal,
3- The EURAS Scientific Journal is to be published under a different subject
matter in each issue,
4- To arrange common studies for M.A. and Ph.D programs in the field of
Economics and Management,
5- To conduct an investigation regarding the foundation of a common faculty with
members of EURAS,
6- To receive opinions of the members regarding the foundation of a common
research center in Bucharest and to start carrying out detailed investigations
on this issue.