New Trends in Higher Education: Keeping Up With The Change

BC9_789“New Trends in Higher Education: Keeping Up With The Change”
12-13 April, ISTANBUL

We are happy to invite you to attend the Congress of the New Trends In Higher Education: Keeping Up With The Change, which will be held at Istanbul Aydin University from April 12 to April 13, 2016.
Nowadays science and technology are changing and developing swiftly. In particular, the changes of accessing knowledge, production, utilization and dissemination of knowledge effect the position of higher education around the world. Accordingly, higher education institutions set policies in order to tram individuals in line with the demands and opportunities of science and technology and enable them to keep with this cycle of knowledge. This conference will focus on policies, models, innovative movements in higher education based on changing demands, opportunities, prospects and problems in the field. The main purpose of this conference is to review the new trends in higher education worldwide with respect to the changes in information and communications technology and to discuss alterations and implementations made for this purpose.

Congress Academic Coordinator: Prof. Ahmet Metin GER