EURAS Conference 2016 Failed Military Coup Attempt in Turkey and Its Reflections Worldwide Conference

As it was previously announced with detailed data both on EURAS.NEWS and EURAS.EXPRESS the conference took place from 8:30 am till 12:30 pm where EURAS’ President Dr. Mustafa AYDIN presented a broad opening speech prior to the speakers who properly mentioned their opinions sequentially. The final section was kept for Questions & Answers as expected which allowed the attendees to ask the speakers about clarification of the points they had been wondering.

Throughout the cCxNSVPqXAAADv9sonference the incident h ave been reviewed via various aspects covering energy sources, economic relations on the region, democratization movements and plenty of others to get the issue enlightened.

The content of the conference has actually covered crucial points as it was based on an action towards a democratic government of which it is possible to see a lot of examples on the surrounding regions that can be considered as the reason of so many globally ongoing problems in terms of international politics. From this point forward it was seriously essential to discuss and negotiate the issue through a conference including all the affairs that are related to the incident somehow. Thereof it was a great achievement for EURAS to host the prestigious academics and let them occur their speeches under the assurance of freedom of expressions which lead us see the unavoidable necessity of a democratically elected government.

Ultimately we would like to state that we are proud to occur such an important event successfully. And it is a must to repeatedly indicate our appreciations for each speaker due to his great contributions:

  • Dr. Joseph Mifsud (Honorary Director of London Academy of Diplomacy)
  • Nagi Idris (London Center for International Law Practice)
  • Thierry Pastor (Political and economic advisor – ILS Energy Ltd. and R&B Trust SCS)
  • Fabio Grassi (Associated Professor in Sapienza University – Rome)
  • Dr. Celal Nazim İREM (Dean of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Istanbul Aydın University)