EURAS NEWS Vol.1 No.48

Distinguished Members of Eurasian Universities Union,

Once again we would like to go through the content of EURIE, 2017 – Eurasia Higher Education Summit to be held in Istanbul on 22-24 March as we do not have much time left for the registration process of the conference. Today we would like to keep you reminded about another crucial part of the entire program which is the Seminars section. Having a look back at EURIE 2016 it can be clearly seen that seminars were taking a considerable place during the event where 6 different seminars came out with a great variety of subjects from International Education Associations to Online and Digital Learning.

To go through details we would like to mention that seminar sessions lasts an hour under normal circumstances. Most of the times there are two speakers who have a high level academic background or experience on the field, and the session is chaired by the 3rd person who is, of course, capable to manage the conversations in a dynamic way to keep it smooth for all of those who attend and listen to the seminar.

Coming back to the this years’ content we would like to provide you with the list at the bottom which is including the subjects currently decided to be occurred throughout EURIE, 2017 in Istanbul on 22-24 March.

Before we conclude today’s newsletter via the list below we would like to kindly remind you that it is up to be revised till the date of the event, we are as always all open to hear from you about your recommendations, ideas and critics on [email protected] or [email protected]

  • Regional Reflections of Internationalization
  • Digital Disruptions in Higher Education
  • International Learning
  • Government Scholarships for Student Mobility

Your sincerely,

Eurasian Universities Union