EURIE Training in Romania

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EURIE Training, as a workshop series prior to EURIE Summit, took the next step in Romania at one of the valuable EURAS members Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University. On 3rd of November, 2017 EURE Training was held with participation of EURAS member universities as well as other higher education institutions both from Romania and outside of the country.

EURIE Training Romania is headlined as ‘‘ Dual Aspects of Internationalization: Internationalization Across Borders and at Home ’’ where internationalization will be reviewed through the two main aspects covering mobility of native students and hosting the international students. More specifically the topics that will be covered are definitions, terms , benefits and dimensions of internationalization of higher education, mobility of students, lecturing staff and researcher, internationalization of curriculum and internationalizing the campus.

By providing EURIE Training Romania it is aimed to keep everone’s knowledge about internationlization updated in addition to discovering new aspects, instruments, innovative approaches, and latest trends.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]