EURAS Projects-1 2022


EURAS is pleased to announce a new partnership proposal/project to work on and believes that this joint venture will be beneficial for strong networking and the environment.
EURAS shares a mission in the given area of the field, ADAPTED BASKETBALLTRAINING FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY, we are looking for a partner who ventures in these areas that can benefit us. Please have a look at the detailed proposal with more information that we are looking forward to welcoming your university/organization as our new project partner. 
General Purpose: In this project, an adapted basketball training module will be prepared for individuals with intellectual disabilities aged 12-16. This training program is aimed to increase the quality of life of children, to accelerate their adaptation to social life, and develop fine and gross motor skills. It is aimed to organize a tournament between children with disabilities who complete the training and children who are not disabled.  Through tournaments, the expectations and attitudes of people who are not disabled in the education and rehabilitation of the disabled will be observed. In addition, it is expected to raise social awareness by creating a platform where disabled people and those who are not disabled will come together. Since sports have different forms in our social life, there is a need for athletes who have special expertise especially in the fields of disability and illness. It is considered to draw a road map for educators working in the field of special education with this basketball project which is adapted because the number of athletes who have special expertise cannot be reached to an adequate level. Since the outputs of this study will also have an academic infrastructure, its dissemination and implementation in many rehabilitation institutions are among the objectives.
Project Target Group: Individuals with intellectual disabilities between the ages of 12-16.Project Final Group: Families of children with disabilities, children who are not disabled, families of children who are not disabled.Project Method: In order to perform the project activities and obtain the expected outputs, the implementation method of the project will be considered as a qualitative research method. The efficiency of the project will be measured by using focus group studies and one-on-one interviews. The reason why this method is preferred is to ensure that the targeted audience is accessible and to reach the data by collecting in-depth information.Project Training Period: The training period for students is planned as 6 months.
Suggestions should be submitted via email along with the Expert name, organization/university/school, email, or phone number. The due date for submission is 18th January 2022. The proposal will be selected after review by members of the executive or appointed Committee of the section. EURAS TEAM: [email protected]