EURAS Projects-2 2022

Project 2: Call for EU – International Consortium Cooperation Invitation:“Prevent Violence”, where there is violence, there is no humanity.EURAS is pleased to announce a new partnership proposal/project to work on and believes that this joint venture will be beneficial for strong networking and the environment. EURAS shares a mission in the given area of the field, Call for EU – International Consortium Cooperation Invitationwe are looking for a partner who ventures in these areas that can benefit us. Please have a look at the detailed proposal with more information that we are looking forward to welcoming your university/organization as our new project partner.  General Information

  • Program- Citizenship, Equality, Rights, and ValuesProgram (CERV).
  • The institution where the project will be carried out: İstanbul Aydın University TTPYO.
  • Project Duration: 24 months / Start date: 01 October 2022- Deadline: 01 October 2024.


  1. To contribute to the structuring of Respectful, Conscientious, “Qualified People” and Communities in the World, acting not with the Culture of Violence and Fear, but with the Culture of Values, with high awareness, within the framework of the “Citizenship, Equality, Rights and Values Program”.
  2.  To create a better world, happy life, and a self-confident future for our children.

Purpose of the Project:

  • Raising Awareness for the Prevention of Psychological and Physical Violence and CyberViolence.
  • To carry out solution-oriented studies.
  • To provide psychological support and counseling for victims in relevant institutions.
  • To create a solution to the search for material and moral security of the individual who has been exposed to violence.
  • To organize “Computer-Aided” training programs with various content and certificate programs for young and adult individuals in our university.
  • To organize Workshops, Sessions, and meetings in the national and international arena, on online platforms, and face to face. Giving Seminars by Experts on different dates in the process.
  • Usable in the field of violence: Wearable Technologies for Women and Their Children. Digital Defence mechanisms in prototype applications and,
  • To implement the prototype and post-mass production of the Violence Alarm System, which includes technology, Sensor-supported, Sound, and Distance perception.
  • Prohibit Violence, To create a Cinema short Film named: To activate Radio TV Visual Verbal, Written Press, Online Advertising PR Works.

 Suggestions should be submitted via email along with the Expert name, organization/university/school, email, or phone number. The due date for submission is28th January 2022.The proposal will be selected after review by members of the executive or appointed Committee of the section. 
EURAS TEAM: [email protected]