Second Call: International Conference on Data Management, Digitization, and Economic Practices in Preserving & Promoting Cultural Heritage (DEPCH2023)

The inaugural “International Conference on Data Management, Digitization, and Economic Practices in Preserving & Promoting Cultural Heritage (DEPCH2023)” scheduled for July 28, 2023. This conference, organized by İstanbul Aydın University in conjunction with EURAS – Eurasian Universities Union, will take place online, making it accessible from anywhere in the world.

DEPCH2023 is a novel initiative built upon the outcomes of the successful webinar “Data Management & Current Simulation Practices in Cultural Heritage Researches” held on January 24th, 2022. As a biennial event, it aims to become a leading international platform to present academic and professional studies on cultural heritage assets. The conference welcomes researchers, academicians from diverse fields such as engineering, archaeology, communications, museum experts, and other professionals engaged with cultural heritage, museum and their assets, or those working in related multidisciplinary contexts. Our conference topics will explore cutting-edge technologies, methods, and practices in cultural heritage preservation and promotion, including but not limited to:

  1. 3D Data Management and 3D Technologies on Web
  2. Virtual Museum and 3D Scanning Systems
  3. VR, AR, XR & MR Applications
  4. NFT Studies and Cloud Service Operands
  5. Marketing Practices of Cultural Heritage Through New Media
  6. Social Media Strategies of Museums
  7. Current Preservation Techniques Developed Using 3D Systems
  8. Interactive Cultural Assets Supported by Real-Time Simulation Systems & Games
  9. Evolution of Conventional Artists into Digital 3D Mechanisms
  10. Academic Perspectives of Educational Archaeology in 3D Environments
  11. LIDAR and Democratization of Scanning
  12. Preservation of Cultural Heritage & Cultural Assets through Business Models and Cooperatives for Artisans
  13. Museum and Education Practices in Preserving and Presenting Cultural Heritage

In honor of our founding conference, there will be no charge for this year. For further information, please contact with me through [email protected], or visit our conference website ( We encourage you to share this invitation with any colleagues who may also be interested in contributing to this important dialogue on cultural heritage preservation in the digital age.