EURAS NEWS Vol.1 No.49

Distinguished Members of Eurasian Universities Union,

Today we would like to go through a conference that will be held by EURAS at Istanbul Aydin University on 14th of November. In fact we are proud to be getting prepared for another event which is an academic conference with participation of prestigious academicians from various parts of the world. On the other hand the subject covered by the conference is Failed Military Coup Attempt in Turkey and its Reflections Worldwide.

We would like to inform you about the content, schedule and participants of the conference where the subject will be discussed within all aspects related to it.

As mentioned at the beginning the conference will be taken place at Conference Hall A of Istanbul Aydin University on 14th of November starting with the basic registration process and coffee break at 8.30 am – 9 am.

Due the completion of entrance formalities the Opening Speech will be occurred by EURAS – President Dr. Mustafa AYDIN in order to present the conference to all the attendees.

The conference will mainly last from 9.30 am to 12:30 pm through great contributions of the following speakers to whom we state our appreciations herewith once again:

  • Dr. Joseph Mifsud (Honorary Director of London Academy of Diplomacy)
  • Stephan C. Roh (ROH Attorneys of Law Zurih-International Strategist-Eurasia  Region)
  • Nagi Idris (London Center for International Law Practice)
  • Fabio Grassi (Associated Professor in Sapienza University – Rome)
  • Özüm Sezin Uzun (Vice Dean of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, IAU)

Ultimately we would like to invite all of our members to attend the conference of which the topic we intentionally chose as it is very recent incident in the heart of Eurasia, and it contains numerous key issues from civil democracy and sustainable peace to pluralistic society and well educated individuals.

Your sincerely,

Eurasian Universities Union