EURAS NEWS Vol.1 No.50

Distinguished Members of Eurasian Universities Union,

ICEF Workshop, as you know, is based on a concept covering service providers, agencies, language schools and universities to come together for face to face meetings that are mostly booked through an online system earlier than the event date. Networking is surely considered as an essential of all the international expos. However ICEF Workshop is actually associated with networking as a main purpose of the event through a more organized way with previously booked meeting sessions.

As it was previously announced on weekly EURAS.EXPRESS, ICEF Workshop was held in Berlin between 30th of October and 2nd of November where EURAS was represented by our team throughout the entire fair in order to closely follow up every single event which is promising in terms of higher education and Eurasia.

So the highlights, informative data and the details of ICEF Workshop, Berlin are what we would like to cover today for you to have a broader understanding about the event and what we have occurred for Eurasian Universities Union.

Before going through the reported details we would like to shortly indicate the schedule of the workshop which was basically including reception and networking lunches on Sunday October 30th, thematic seminars and business meetings on Monday and Tuesday, and FAM Tours on Wednesday 2nd of November on the final day of ICEF Workshop, Berlin.

Quantitative data about ICEF Workshop Berlin 2016 came out as following: 146 service providers, 43 Work & Travel representatives, 1.077 international educators and 1.094 agencies from 98 different countries attended the event in accordance with the international identity of the workshop.

EURAS Team was prepared with all the statistics and content of the program prior to the workshop in order to maximize the efficiency of the event. Thereof our representative successfully occurred all the needed networking activities and advertisements of Eurasian Universities Union. The seminars and trainings were carefully followed up for the future projects of EURAS in addition to the business meetings during the workshop that were scheduled and planned before the event.

Ultimately we would like to state that EURAS Team has powerfully contributed another event in order to do its hardest for Eurasian Universities Union, and we are happy to see the reflections via an increasing network as well as a busy schedule of EURAS’ own events about which we inform you on our periodical publications.

Your sincerely,

Eurasian Universities Union