Events 2019

The Contribution of students and young teachers to the implementation of SDG – 2030

28-29 November, 2019 in Astana, Kazakhstan

EURAS is proud to support international conference titled: “Youth Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals – 2030” in Eurasian National University which atracted more than 1000 representatives of 60 universities in the World, focused on an important aim developing and strengthening mechanisms for youth participation in policies and events aimed at intensifying efforts in the field of sustainable development through the development of partnerships between students and young university professors from the CIS countries. This event was supported by EURAS, the First President Foundation of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, G-Global International Secretariat, Eurasian National University,  and the Green Economy G-Global Coalition.

More information can be found on the website

2nd Rectors’ Conference ‘Transforming Higher-Education Institutes to produce 21st Century Graduates.

27 November, 2019 in Lahore, Pakistan

We are delighted to congratulate our member university, Superior University for organizing 2nd Rectors Conference successfully on 27th November 2019, in Lahore in Pakistan. The theme of the conference was “Transforming Higher Education Institutes to Produce 21st Century Graduates” and Rectors’ Conference was supported by EURAS-Eurasian Universities Union.

More information can be found on the conference website 

1st International Conference on Air – Land – Sea Interaction -ICALSI2019

April 4-5, 2019

1st International Conference on Air – Land – Sea Interaction, ICALSI2019 to be held in Khazar University, Baku City Azerbaijan, in April 4-5, 2019. “The 1st International Conference on Air – Land – Sea Interaction (ICALSI2019)” will jointly be organized with co-operation of Khazar University, Istanbul Aydın University, Istanbul Technical University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and EURAS-Eurasian Universities Union.

ICALSI2019 offers you an important meeting for discussion the scientific developments and applications related to air-land-sea interactions; soil, ocean and atmospheric sciences.

All abstracts of accepted presentations will be published in a proceedings book and full papers will be included in a digital platform of ICALSI2019.

EURAS is pleased to be apart of this conference which united a number of prominent and professional researcher and academicians.We cordially invite you to register and submit the abstracts at the conference website  

10th International Symposium on Image Processing, Wavelet and Applications – IWW2019

18-20 October, 2019

The 10th International Symposium on Image Processing, Wavelet and Applications (IWW2019) will be held in Kocaeli, Turkey on 18-21 September, 2019. IWW2019 will be organized by Kocaeli University with the collaboration of Istanbul Aydın University-a member of EURAS and Sharda University. The symposium will be supported by EURAS-Eurasian Universities Union.

We would like to invite our member universities’ academicians to share their experience and articles with participant academicians, specialists and professionals.

You can find more information about the event on the symposium page.

Going Global 2019

13-15 May, 2019

We are pleased to inform you that Going Global 2019 Conference that is supported by EURAS – Eurasian Universities Union will be held by British Council between 13-15 May, 2019 in Berlin.

Registration for Going Global 2019 is open and thanks to our partnership, British Council offers some advantages to EURAS Members. You will have chance to network at Going Global 2019 Conference for leaders of international education and to explore collaborative solutions with more than 1,200 leaders from 80 countries at Going Global in Berlin.

EURAS Members are entitled to a further discounted rate saving £100 and you may use discount code: BERLIN2019DISC when registering.

As EURAS, we are proud to be one of the supporters of the event and we’ll be delighted to contribute international education sector with other international events organized by our members, partners and prestigious international education institutions. More information can be found on the website