As EURAS-Eurasian Universities Union, we are pleased to continue EURAS Webinar Series and will be hosting EURAS Webinar on Design for Online Learning Environments: Wiley and University Partnerships 15th of April at 15:00 (Turkish Time) on Zoom in collaboration with Wiley Education Services. In this EURAS webinar, David Rowson, Director of Academic Services at Wiley, and Adam Matthews, Lecturer in Technology and Learning Environments at the University of Birmingham, will discuss how higher education  institutions can best set about the design of engaging and purposeful online learning experiences for their students, suggesting approaches that will work well at scale.


Participants need to pre-register from here

Participants will receive the link to join the Zoom Webinar a day before the event. They are kindly requested to download the Zoom app in advance and join the webinar 5 minutes before start time.


David Rowson –Director of Academic Services, WILEY Education Services

Adam Matthews- Lecturer in Technology and Learning Environments, University of Birmingham


Marta Çolakoğlu -International Sales Manager, Wiley Education Services

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