EURAS SubNetwork Questionnaire

Dear EURAS Members,
We would much appreciate your participation in the “EURAS SubNetwork Questionnaire“! List of Subnetworks Projects:

  1. Education Technologies.
  2. Employability and Social Development
  3. Environment and Climate.
  4. Energy.
  5. Food and Water.
  6. International Migration.
  7. Silk Road Tourism.
  8. Transportation Networks


  • Each subnetwork is established on a theme.
  • Each has a clearly defined objective.
  • Each has a list of expected activities.
  • Each will be led by one or two coordinators.
  • Each will have volunteer members.

Main activities of SubNetworks

  • Cooperate with international initiatives to contribute to research and innovation activities and actions in the Eurasian region. 
  • Gathering and sharing information and best practices directly from the main actors in the field and contributing to the creation of a dedicated database. 
  • Carrying out studies, analyses, and research papers on the subnetwork theme. 
  • Encouraging the dialogue and the mutual exchange between academia and other actors (enterprises, social actors, associations from the civil society, and policymakers) in order to create new partnerships and joint projects. 
  • Organizing international events (workshops, seminars, conferences, training events, summer schools, internships, etc.) .
  • To improve the flow of knowledge between researchers, scholars, practitioners, and professionals Promoting mobility opportunities for students and faculty members, as well as the creation of curricula and courses, to advance education in the field of subnetwork themes at all levels (Master, Ph.D., university professors, and researchers).

 EURAS consistently strives to improve to serve its valuable members, and to this end, we would be grateful if you could please tell us about your interest in SubNetwork projects in this 30-second questionnaire. Your feedback helps us create a better experience for you and for all of our members. For the questionnaire, please visit this link:
Deadline for Questionnaire: June 10, 2023